Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School

IT Network Manager

During my time at Bishop Challoner I have made many changes to the network configuration and the way in which I.T. is used and perceived by the staff.  Here I will explain some of the changes that I have made and in the impact that they have had on the main focus of every school teaching and learning.

File Synchronization

When I first started with Bishop Challoner School there was no file synchronisation to speak of, with staff members having to remote onto a Sims server in order to take a register and files only being stored locally on their laptops with no back up of files.  As a short term solution I firstly implemented file synchronisation to ensure that staff files were backed up to the servers and I minimised any risk of data loss.

Print Solution

The print solution was required as there were over 40 different types of printer in the school, many of them USB connected, and nothing was standardised.  It was almost impossible to maintain budgetry control as staff members would purchase a new printer, or inks and toners then claim back through petty cash.  Working with my school business manager I was instrumental in implementing a Condor print solution, resulting in school wide cost saving, better financial accountability, higher up-time, less waste, and a more stable print solution with only 16 machines and follow me printing.

Door Access System

The school already had in place a secure door access system, which was not configured correctly and was causing many issues within the school.  This system was re-configured to ensure site security, and the flexibility that the door access system could offer.  This is something which has been incorporated into my role as network manager.

InVentry Sign-In system

As with most schools Bishop Challoner School relied on old fashioned sign in books to know who was on site.  This system was replaced with InVentry.  This system amongst its many features allows Staff, Visitors, Early leavers & Late students to sign in and out, whilst providing up to the minute fire registers with digital cloud accessibility.

Interactive Flat Panel Screen Installation

By working closely with my suppliers I real world tested 12 different manufacturers screens in the classroom for a period of 1-2 weeks each allowing both staff and students to test the boards in a classroom environment.  Once we were satisfied with the board selection we replaced every projector, and interactive whiteboard with interactive flat panel screens.  This sounds expensive, but when you consider the long term cost implications of running bulb projectors, with multiple different board types and the time to re-calibrate each time you move class the costs are very reasonable, and also improve the teaching and learning experience in the classroom by providing a screen that every student can see even with the lights on..


Remote access to the school network is a modern day requirement allowing staff members to access systems when away from the school site.  The old remote desktop connection system was replaced with a VPN connection allowing a more secure, and reliable connection which is a more efficient use of processing power and also a lot more flexible.

Removal of file synchronization

Removal of file sync in favor of online files.


Assisting in classes

Offering an expert view on the curriculum, explaining data security, encryption etc.