About Me

Mike Jenkins – Away from work

I have been the chairman of HERC Triathlon for the the past 18 months helping on a voluntary basis with the day to day running of the club.

Working closely with others in the committee with all aspects of the club, from financial, to training sessions, to keeping the peace.  It has been a great experience with a lot of lessons learned and I have made some great friends along the journey.

Away from the workplace I love nothing more than being out on my bike exploring new routes, and taking in the countryside that I miss when commuting to work. I developed a love for cycling when I purchased a bike back in 2014 and needed somewhere to ride it.

I decided to enter a charity bike ride from London to Paris and so the passion began.

As part of enjoying the great outdoors I joined Solent and District Land Rover Club, after purchasing a Land Rover Discovery.  I quickly learned a lot about mechanics as green laning quickly took its toll on my land rover.

Whilst I was a member of SADLRC, I took part in many events with the local council, and forestry commission to help clear public byways and maintain the countryside. I was also in charge of managing and maintaining their website at the time.