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First Six Months
In order to build a solid foundation in a school you have to work quickly, and effectively. As I have been working within a multi-skilled role I have had [...]
Is it worth the effort, what information do you gain, how can you use this information?
Lock down in progress
Just because you can lock down everything with group policy and firewalls, should you?
You don’t look busy!
Many times in the IT department we will look serene and calm with the members of the department looking intently at their screens, sipping coffee and not [...]
Chromebooks in education
About a year ago I purchased my first Chromebook, a sleek 14inch Acer, as thin as a macbook air, all day battery life, and all the storage I will ever [...]
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Virtual Learning Environment
What’s Virtual About it?
WordPress for School Websites
School websites are your window to the world, there are many platforms out there, some paid, some free.  The key to which is the right one, is more to do [...]